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Dear Client.


We are looking forward to working with you and we assure you that alongside our already strict hygiene protocols, during the COVID-19 pandemic; we are taking appropriate COVIDSAFE hygiene steps to ensure each other’s health and safety whilst working together.

Please ensure everyone receiving a hair and/or makeup service is provided with a copy of this letter.

Hair and Makeup artists are in very close proximity to their clients for prolonged periods of time. It is physically impossible to maintain the 1.5 meter social distancing rule and thus, the risks are increased.

In order to minimize these risks, The Altar Bridal will be following the guidelines & hygiene protocols outlined by 

-        Department of Health and Human Services State Government of Victoria. 

-        Hair Stylist Australia 

The below protocol requires your assistance and your cooperation is appreciated.




  • On the day of your booking, please message your primary contact at least an hour before your appointment confirming that everyone receiving a service, in addition to their close contacts, are all healthy and well.  You will find your primary contact’s details on your run sheet. IMPORTANT – for the health and safety of everyone, it is vital to let us know if you are experiencing even the mildest of symptoms, such as a fever, dry cough, or extreme fatigue, or if you have been in contact with anyone linked to a COVID19 suspected case. We understand that this could result in missing out on your appointment, but we’re sure you can appreciate that prioritizing health and safety during a pandemic is paramount. In turn, we will advise you if we are experiencing any illness. 

  • Please arrive to your appointment with a mask on and disinfect your hands before beginning your service.

  • Please wash your hair either the night before, or on the morning of your appointment and please make sure it is free of all product. For early morning clients your hair can be washed the night before and left to dry naturally.

  • Please wear a mask while having your hair styled.

  • Please do not touch any of your artist’s tools or kit in order to minimize the risk of cross contamination

  • No other items should be placed on artist’s workstations; e.g. food, drink, mobile phones etc.

  • Please provide us with an area to allow our workstations to be adequately socially distanced. Ideally a clean table should be set up near an open door or window as good ventilation is crucial.

  • Please limit the numbers of people in attendance to those receiving services, or at a minimum, to comply with current Victorian restrictions. Please ensure those present are wearing a mask and have signed our contact tracing register.




  • We will require adequate disinfecting time between clients, we appreciate your understanding that this extra time is incorporated into your run sheet.

  • All artists will wear a fresh, disposable surgical face mask for each client. Artists may also wear face shields, goggles and gloves at their discretion. 

  • Each makeup client will have their own makeup palette and a clean, sanitized set of brushes, disposable mascara wand in a separate single use bag.

  • All non-disposable brushes will be taken home and washed thoroughly, air dried and disinfected with alcohol before being used again at a subsequent job.

  • All surfaces we have touched, as well as any tools and products used will be thoroughly wiped down and sanitized between each client. We appreciate your patience during the time this takes to reset our stations.

  • We will be taking every measure we can to guard against cross-contamination. These measures include the (already standard) practice of not double dipping into any products. You’ll notice your artist decanting cream and liquid products and scraping powders out onto palettes. 


By accepting your booking you agree to adhere to the above. We thank you for your cooperation.




           The Altar Bridal.

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