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Olena & Nick

Georgia: Olena was one of the most prepared brides I have ever met. Organised down to the last detail, which made her wedding morning a breeze and an absolute pleasure. Olena and I worked hard to perfect every last detail of her hair and makeup during the trial, but that meant she was the most relaxed, happy bride-to-be the morning of, and she could really be in the present and enjoy every moment. Olena chose a red Dior eyeshadow, which she hunted far-and-wide for. It was a unique choice for a bridal look, and pre 'the red eyeshadow' trend, but I loved it and the results speak for themselves. One of my favourite wedding makeups to date.

Above: Not quite finished but it's coming together.

Olena kept the hair soft and romantic and off the face which was a perfect choice given her statuesque mermaid gown. We incorporated a braid to keep it young and not too serious, and wrapped the two front pieces of hair around a textured, relaxed bun.

Key products to get the look:

Dior Couleurs Couture Colours & Effects

Eyeshadow Palette $107 AUD (Limited edition).

Chantecaille Lip Chic in Camelia

$55AUD (Shop:

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